Mexico prepares for the digital future

Mexico gets its first Blockchain compound. Bitso, Volabit, BIVA, GBM, Lyna Capital, ConsenSys and Exponent Capital join forces. The companies are committed to educating the population about the technology. Above all, it is about arming oneself for the imminent technological revolution.

La Asociación Blockchain México – this is the name of the new association that has dedicated itself to the topic of blockchain in Mexico. The merger of the companies Bitso, Volabit, BIVA, GBM, Lvna Capital, ConsenSys and Exponent Capital aims at one thing above all: to inform the population about the Blockchain technology.

Mexico wants to create security for the Bitcoin formula

According to Forbes Mexico, the association is also interested in establishing Bitcoin formula technical and regulatory standards which are not a scam. Before the technology can spread any further, they want to create security in order to avoid dangers such as money laundering. However, the advantages of the technology are still in the foreground. Mouses Cassab, founder of Exponent Capital, told Forbes:

“The current applications of the blockchain range from reducing the costs of sending money transfers and international payments to democratizing the financial system,” he says.

In doing so, the association wants to prepare itself for the spread of blockchain technology and the technological progress that goes with it. In Germany, the association finds its counterpart in the Blockchain Bundesverband, which, among other things, has published a position paper on the subject.

Blockchain companies in Germany

The majority of German Blockchain companies are based in Berlin. Most of these companies deal with the topics finances and crypto currencies and were founded in the Bitcoin boom year 2017. More than half of the blockchain start-ups are already generating revenues. This is all the result of a study that BTC-ECHO carried out in cooperation with BlockState. If you want to know more about financing, turnover and the current stage of development of the companies, you can read it here.