Lisk Core 0.9.15.: Hard fork after faulty transaction

On 2 June, the Lisk network came to a brief standstill. In the early morning hours of 2 June, someone had smuggled a transaction with the wrong time stamp into the LISK chain. However, the Lightcurve team was able to solve the problem quickly with a hard fork.

Max Kordek told BTC-ECHO about the Bitcoin secret:

“The most important Bitcoin secret right now is that we were able to quickly identify the problem, find a solution and bring in two Lisk Core updates. One to address the problem and the other to prevent similar problems in the future.” Read more about it:

On Saturday morning there was a lot going on in the offices of the Lightcurve team of the Lisk Foundation (What is behind Lisk?). The Lisk chain worked, but not properly: Most of the new blocks were simply empty. Moreover, they were only in memory and not in the database. In the meantime, a transaction with a wrong time stamp had crept in, which ultimately brought the entire chain to a standstill. However, the Lightcurve team was able to locate and fix the problem relatively quickly.

New fork, new luck

When the Lightcurve team noticed that they needed the Lisk Core 0.9.15 release to prevent such transactions in the future, they briefly asked the exchanges to freeze all transactions. The team then successfully tested the new version on the test net before transferring it to Mainnet:
“To get a smooth upgrade of the entire network, we had to do a hard fork.” (What is a hard fork?). The new release was then placed on one of the Mainnet nodes. For a short time, the parameters were changed to an earlier version so that retroactive synchronization could take place without the harmful transactions.

On Saturday afternoon the official version Lisk Core 0.9.15 was released and the delegates in the network were able to update their nodes.

So far, so good. The timestamp problem was solved. But the root of the problem still had to be tackled by the team – Lisk Core hadn’t found the exact bug yet. Accordingly, the Lightcurve team sent the Lisk Core 0.9.16 version directly behind.

In the future, it will be used to fix such bugs and prevent new blocks from being created at all if there is a bug in the system.

Interview with Max Kordek from 23.02.2018:

LISK (LSK) Relaunch | Interview with Lisk CEO Max Kordek
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The Lisk rate (LSK) is currently (06.06.18 12:00) at 7.55 Euro per LSK. In the course of 24 hours this is a loss of almost 4 percent, in the course of a month a loss of 28.9 percent. Within a week, the share price recovered slightly – here it is up 0.52 percent.